Our Team

Nyaree Chanel

Managing Director & Founder

Nyaree Chanel has over 19 years of experience as a qualified nurse and 16 years as a midwife who today holds a master’s degree in midwifery. Her wealth of experience in the health sector has raised a passion to assist and empower the African people to elevate their standard of living, in order to afford healthy lifestyles. Nyaree believes by empowering young Africans to get an education and basic amenities, not only do we change their financial destinies but also their understanding of life itself, thus achieving healthy lifestyles.

Donald Roy Chidembo

Projects manager

Qualified with an Honours undergraduate degree in Geography of the Human environment. Went on to spent several years working with underprivileged communities to help raise their stand of living. Worked with several NGOs in Zimbabwe. It was from these experiences that Donald developed a passion to help the less privileged in forgotten communities where education is a luxury that cannot be afforded.