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Welcome to the Nyaree Chanel foundation. We are an organisation that exists for the sole purpose of elevating the standard of living for the African people. Our desire is to witness an Africa that is self-reliant, whose people are empowered to make sustainable
socio-economic decisions

Intrinsic in our approach is the drive to empower young people who are the next generation leaders, to get education and mentorship that enables them to cushion solutions for their communities. However, we recognise that while education and mentorship are critical in achieving this, most young people in Africa live below the poverty datum line and therefore not able to access these transformational facilities. It is therefore the work we do, to mobilise resources so as to reach the under-privileged African talent and expose it to these two important tools.

Our Vision

To empower the under privileged young Africans to rise and change the reality of their impoverished communities through education and life skills to communities which are socio-economically empowered.

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Our Mission

To provide the under-privileged exceptional African talent with school fees and necessary mentorship required to elevate their gifts to a place sustainable enough to raise their standard of living

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Stories of Change

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We would like to assist those young people whose talent in education and sporting related talents have been demonstrated in the past, yet they struggle to either pay school fees or have access to institutions that can elevate their talent. Please share your story below and also attach your contact details